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Not just another recruitment agency, we are a search business partner. Our services are tailored to your employer brand to find the best talents for your teams, the best managers to support your growth and the best CEOs to lead the pack. With our support for start-ups to seasoned recruitment scale-ups, you can create a hiring experience with the right employer brand to find the best talents. We can support you in executive search, advise and create an effective employee onboarding plan to support sustainable employment and further set up your full recruitment marketing strategy. This will be tailor-made together with you. Companies all face different challenges; through growth, consolidation, or changes after a merger or acquisition. When it comes to hiring, and we can consult you any step of the way.

Our focus is to consult, plan and action companies on creating a positive candidate journey that makes talent feel welcome, nurtured and empowered to go the extra mile. Our tailor-made solutions create a relevant experience for both candidates and teams on the rise. This will make the difference for you in the war for talent.

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In the face of an unprecedented labour market and rising costs, businesses need innovative recruitment solutions more than ever. Dive into our latest blog post where we explore the need for creativity, diversity, and collaboration in our hiring strategies. Bright Careers is here to guide you through these challenges, helping your business thrive amidst change. Together, we can unlock potential and navigate this complex terrain.

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I’ve experienced Lukas to be a driven, open, and, above all, pleasant recruitment professional with quick solutions for recruitment issues and the ability to translate our company goals into a clear talent acquisition and recruitment policy.


Johan Drost (CEO Troostwijk), Recruitment Partner

With the right focus and close collaboration, Lukas was able to find the ideal candidates for us. Lukas is service-minded and can switch into higher gear when needed.

Boudewijn de Vries (Regiodirecteur Croonwolter&Dros), Recruitment Partner

With services for both talented people and growing companies, Bright Careers has a broad track record and can support a wide range of topics within the field of recruitment and HR. From talent acquisition to development, from recruitment marketing to onboarding processes – we can offer support, consultancy or be an interim hiring manager to make changes happen.

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