Nice meeting you.

This is Bright Careers.

Bright Careers is an ambitious boutique recruitment consultancy founded by Lukas Geurts. Over the years, an agency has shifted its focus from executive search and recruitment to undertaking the whole spectrum of the candidate journey. We understand that making the right match for both talents and companies with a good and time-efficient candidate journey is more important than filling open positions as quickly as possible. Talent retention is never guaranteed in recruitment yet is something to always strive for. Successful recruiting should be part of an efficient, clear, and sometimes even creative collaboration between the relevant stakeholders. Expectation management, direct involvement, communication, and swiftness are key nowadays to making a stand in the war for talent. This starts with the job description, to the recruitment strategy, the interviews and all the way through to the onboarding. That’s exactly the expertise of Bright Careers.

It’s not just about a new career

Lukas comes from an entrepreneurial family, so it’s no surprise that he started his own company. With Bright Careers, he wants to connect talented people with dynamic companies with a personal touch. Most of all, he wants people to be happy and thrive in what they do. Ensuring more than just job satisfaction – empowering employee happiness – so people can thrive. This is why Bright Careers is a trusted partner for companies to support them in all aspects of the recruitment process. From setting out a recruitment marketing strategy to the talent journey to creating a full onboarding process, you can go the extra mile when expectations are met.

Our valued partners we help grow

I’ve experienced Lukas to be a driven, open, and, above all, pleasant recruitment professional with quick solutions for recruitment issues and the ability to translate our company goals into a clear talent acquisition and recruitment policy.


Johan Drost (CEO Troostwijk), Recruitment Partner

With the right focus and close collaboration, Lukas was able to find the ideal candidates for us. Lukas is service-minded and can switch into higher gear when needed.

Boudewijn de Vries (Regiodirecteur Croonwolter&Dros), Recruitment Partner

Partnering up to rise

A people-person and natural conversationalist, Lukas makes sure that he understands what people need, want and expect. His experience, background and genuine interest give him the ability to work with various personalities and nationalities. Due to business and depending on the project, Lukas also partners up with other professionals to make success happen. This makes Bright Careers more than one person, but a network of many. Working mostly with scale-ups in finance, fintech, and industrial engineering and ambitious family businesses ready to go level up, Bright Careers offers the services for any part of the journey.
The biggest change any company can make is when they go through an M&A process. Companies are integrating not only a business and its controls, processes, and finances but also the people, the cultures, and aspirations. For companies that are going through a big change like that, due to a merger or acquisition, they need to be setting time and effort aside prior to the closing of the deal for what will happen afterwards. This needs to be a very smooth and straightforward process that is an imperative part of forming the ‘new’ company. Bright Careers can be your trusted partner in helping to align and smoothly merge the people and processes for any company going through M&A.

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