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Bright, positive experiences for companies and candidates.

A wise saying goes: ‘be the change you want to see.’ If your company faces new circumstances due to growth or consolidation, embrace the change. Upscale your teams and make sure that your company is ready for adding new team members. This is where Bright Careers can step in.

The way forward to workplace happiness

We can be part of each step in the recruitment and HR process – from sourcing, talent acquisition, and onboarding, mergers to internal support. We are your trusted partner in creating positive experiences for all your talents, from candidates to current employees. When we start the talent acquisition journey for you, we can also look into how to create optimal circumstances to get people inducted quickly. We consult you in creating an onboarding program in line with your corporate values. New team members will feel eager to outperform. Moreover, we can develop strategic plans for your recruitment and know how to stimulate staff involvement. When all hands support the positive change, it will boost employee morale, and uphold the company culture and overall workplace happiness.

Our valued partners we help grow

Bright, positive experiences for candidates

There are many reasons why you might be seeking a new professional challenge. Improving work-life balance, better corporate perks, a promotion or a career switch. When facing this desire to make a new professional step, you might feel lost. To guide your job quest in the right direction, we can offer support in various aspects. Job orientation, where to find vacancies, if and when to use a recruiter, and how to write a good CV and cover letter. We have the people skills, the network, and other handy tricks up our sleeve to support you in landing your desired position. And then, of course, high-fives are in order.

I’ve experienced Lukas to be a driven, open, and, above all, pleasant recruitment professional with quick solutions for recruitment issues and the ability to translate our company goals into a clear talent acquisition and recruitment policy.


Johan Drost (CEO Troostwijk), Recruitment Partner

With the right focus and close collaboration, Lukas was able to find the ideal candidates for us. Lukas is service-minded and can switch into higher gear when needed.

Boudewijn de Vries (Regiodirecteur Croonwolter&Dros), Recruitment Partner

Tailored consulting: from hands-on to holistic approach

Bright Careers can be your trusted partner throughout each step to landing your dream job. From very hands-on advice to a more holistic approach to work satisfaction, we believe that work is not just about the 9-5 but should be an integral part of your life. That’s why we focus on finding that spark so that you can be the best version of yourself. We offer support and coach you in interviews, from a candidate perspective, and as a (new) manager seeking to hire the best talents.

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Are you looking for a recruitment partner that will create a custom candidate journey that fits your company? Or in need of a strategy to get your recruitment off the ground? We are a hands-on company that helps you grow your teams. With the current high demand for natural talents, we know what will make you stand out from the crowd and get you the right people. Moreover, we offer executive search to find new leadership that can drive company performance.

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