Unlocking Talent Amidst Rising Costs: A New Approach to Recruitment

May 18, 2023 | Bright Talks

Navigating the current Dutch labour market, with five vacancies for every unemployed individual, demands innovative solutions. Businesses grapple with service level maintenance, operations, and acquiring the right talent. These challenges, amplified by the ageing population and the pandemic’s residual effects, are part of the broader employment picture.


The response? Creativity, collaboration, and an unbiased approach in recruitment. Listening to the modern-day worker, we need to offer softer conditions, flexible hours, remote working, or cross-departmental collaboration. Diversity should be the linchpin of our hiring process, focusing on a candidate’s potential instead of traditional metrics.


Economists from ABN Amro estimate that due to labour market scarcity and inflation, companies will face a €17 billion increase in wage costs in 2023. This comes with an average wage rise of 3.2% last year and an anticipated 6.1% this year. The minimum wage is also set to surge by over 13%.

However, this financial pressure extends beyond companies. The ‘pay more to get more’ principle applies to consumers too. Businesses struggling with service fulfilment due to staff shortages may need to charge more for premium services.


In this scenario, a fresh perspective and an open mind are our greatest assets. We must embrace change, adapt our internal policies, and adopt new approaches to recruitment.
As we face this intricate landscape, Bright Careers is here to help you navigate these complexities. We can guide you in finding creative fast solutions, unlocking the potential of unbiased hiring, and ensuring that your business thrives amidst rising costs. Let’s navigate this challenging terrain together.

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